Monday, March 5, 2007

The weeks are flying by!

Our weeks have just seemed to fly by. Somehow we stay so busy that the weekend is here before we know it each week. I just finished my last Cake Class on Fondant and Gumpaste. So, here is a picture of my final cake. It really looked like a hat because the board was covered and the board was too large. I was really pleased with the flowers. By the way I did make those flowers they are not artificial! Just to clarify!!!! I am still in shock that I can actually do something "crafty."
The boys have been enjoying the warm weather that we have had. We even went to the park last week with friends and had a picnic! We have also been enjoying having "school." I just purchased curriculum recently to teach Big T. for his first year. We include Taylor also. Big T. is doing great learning to read. He is surprising me at how fast he is moving along. I am very proud of him.
Well, I hope you have enjoyed the update.

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