Sunday, June 3, 2007

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Taylor!!!!!!

My "Baby" Taylor turns 3 years old on Monday! I can't believe he is 3 already. He had alot of fun at his Dinosaur Party on Saturday. I had alot of fun making his cake. Taylor is such a sweet, loving child. He still lets his mommy hold him every morning. I guess it's more like he requires his mommy to hold him every morning along with all his stuffed animals that he sleeps with. He is still my early bird but lately has been sleeping past 5:30a.m. No, I'm not a morning person but he isn't either. He just likes to get up early and see me I guess. I think it's my coffee smell! I love to watch him play with his big brother. Big Brother tells him what to say and do and he's like a parrot. Most of the time anyways. Happy Birthday sweet "Baby" Taylor! I love you!!!!

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