Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Works for me!

Works for Me: Perfect Cake Edition #1
For the Month of July I thought I would share my Cake secrets to achieve the perfect cake that anyone can do. Also I will share a easy Ice-cream cake recipe later this month with step by step instructions. Be sure to check back later.
Disclaimer: These are not my original idea! If they were I would have a pot of Gold. I did learn many of these tips from reading lots of boards.
Tip#1 To achieve the best, most perfect cake use a cake mix. I tried scratch recipes and the cake mix cakes won hands down. I really wanted to be a scratch snob but they truly were not as good. When you use a Cake mix sift the mix into your bowl. You can use a colander to sift or a crank sifter. Then dump what you can't smash on into the bowl. Add a box of dry pudding mix in your preferred flavor. Then you can compensate for by adding a little more milk. I also always use milk, not water. And if it calls for oil you can use applesauce and it won't change the flavor. BUT, if you use applesauce then cut down on the pudding mix and only use half a box because it will be too moist otherwise.
Tip #2 After icing your cake with a crusting buttercream icing (standard wilton recipe) let it crust then use a 4" foam paint roller and roll it over your cake to smooth out the icing spatula marks. If your icing sticks to the roller then wait a while until it crusts and re-roll it. Turn your A/C on or Heat on to help it crust sooner.
That's all for today! Check back next week for more tips! Also check out Shannon for more WFMW tips.

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