Monday, August 13, 2007

First "Official" Day of School

Today is T's first "official" day of school. We have been doing schoolwork since last April whenever we could fit it in. But, as of today we are truly Homeschooling. We have been using this curriculum. I am really enjoying the way it's laid out clearly and full of active fun ideas. We have actually done 8 weeks total since last spring. So, I decided to set a routine by starting with a prayer and saying the pledge. T held our flag today since it's really his first "official day" of school.

The boys have both been saying the pledge at Awana so they already know it.

This is Taylor doing some stringwork. He is stringing beads on a shoelace while T does his Math book. I found great ideas for what to do with Taylor while T is doing school here. This is also something T can't wait to do.

We did get off to a great start this morning. I even had time for P.E. for myself. I know it's supposed to be for the kids but I'm the one trying to get into shape! I am really looking forward to the adventure of learning together. Maybe one of these days I'll post why we have chosen to homeschool.

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