Monday, October 15, 2007

Park day!

Today we spent some time at a local park. The boys really enjoyed playing at a different park with their friends. We took the opportunity to take lots of pictures so that we could enter a contest! "I'm entering the Fall Five Kodak Printer Give-Away at Sprittibee's Blog. Kodak and Sprittibee are giving away an EasyShare 5300 printer!" Little T even took some of his own photos. I don't usually hand over my camera but Spirttibee asked us to include them. Here are a few pictures that Little T took.

As you can see he's a natural! Here is the finished project. We started making a Alphabet mini scrapbook last year. Because I didn't want to run to the store to print pictures we kinda stopped after D. Hopefully we will finish it this year. I skipped ahead to the Letter P and then we used ordinal numbers to rate his favorite things to do at the park. We are going over ordinal numbers in our school work right now so I jumped at the chance to reinforce it.

Since this isn't really clear, because I also don't have a scanner, I'll explain the pictures. 1st is playing at the park with Friends, 2nd is the bridge, 3rd is the firepole, 4th is feeding the Ducks and geese (mostly because he liked taking pictures of them), 5th is the spiderweb climber, and 6th is the slide (it was hot!).

We have been having lots of fun doing school and also on the field trips. We really enjoyed adding another fun item to our learning adventure! Happy Fall Ya'll!


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