Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Recipe sharing time

I don't know about you but spring makes me want some new recipes to try. The things I cook during winter are looking blah, and I need quicker things so that we can go outside and enjoy the pretty weather. So, I thought I would share a few recipes that I have tried lately that were delicious.

French Dip from Taste of Home This was so very yummy and easy. I just put it in the crock pot and finished it at suppertime.

Broccoli and chicken bake from Tammy's recipes This was also delicious and would be quick if you already have cooked chicken and cream of chicken soup. I used this recipe to make my own cream of chicken soup which was also very good.

Cheesy bread from Tammy's recipes This is quickly becoming a favorite. I made this with our Broccoli and chicken bake last Friday and then yesterday with spaghetti. I usually roll it out to the size of my pizza pan which is about 16 inches.

Cheerio treats from Taste of Home The kids had a great time making these yesterday. We used Chocolate Chips instead of M&M's and they melted but were very delicious this way. These were actually kind of soft for cheerio treats. It's hard to eat just one!

I hope you like the recipes I shared. Maybe they will give you some new inspiration to cook. Both websites are full of great recipes. Have you tried anything delicious lately that you want to share?


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