Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

I had a great birthday this year. Look at my Birthday present! I actually got it a week earlier. I love our new minivan. With the baby coming soon it was time to upgrade to something that would hold 3 carseats. Now there is room for 6 children and two adults! We are not going for 6, just saying it could hold up to 6.

I really enjoyed my birthday on Friday. I met with my best friend Rashelle at the coffee place. The kids enjoyed playing at their indoor play area while we had time to chat. Then I had a nice date with my husband Friday night! We don't have too many more date nights that we can enjoy alone left. Soon we'll be taking a little baby along with us, for a while at least. For those who want to see a belly picture, here it is. I'm 32 weeks. We are definitely on the count down. I am so very blessed to have my husband and two little boys. Each birthday I have seems sweeter and sweeter with my growing family. God has definitely blessed us!


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