Saturday, January 27, 2007

Organizing my life. Or at least attempting to!

This is for all the people like me who hate to throw away things or even get rid of something useful. I was wondering what I could do with our school craft supplies and an idea hit me. Use an old Diaper bag. It's compartments are perfect to hold our glue, markers, scissors etc. I have one that is similar to a laptop bag and I put our folders in the center that hold our work along with the box of crayons. The glue, scissors and markers are on the side. Perfect! Now when I have "school" with the boys I grab my diaper bag and the accordion file that holds our construction paper, stickers, etc. and bring it to the table! This works great for me. I think the most exciting part was that I used something that I thought was unusable unless we have another baby and I never liked this diaper bag because it's too big and bulky. I am always in search of ways to simplify and organize our home and life to make things go easier. This does not come naturally but I love the result. Don't forget to check out my family friendly blogroll. Their are alot of great blog reads. The Org. junkie is very inspiring. I actually used her idea of using baskets in my junk drawer in the kitchen. Now the drawer opens up nicely and I can find everything.

Here's to your organization efforts!


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