Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Works For Me

What works for my life as a stay at home mom is feeling slightly important with a Christian Moms Planner. It is the only Planner I have found for Moms who stay at home. On the Left side is a tear off Grocery list along with a To Do list and prayer list. The right side has the days of the week with plenty of space to write in things you do that day along with a tear off Menu plan for the week. So I menu plan on my planner and then grocery shop(when I have it all together which isn't often.) Also there is a full month calender each month. This planner is only about $10.00 at Wal-mart and well worth it. Of course it also has a place for addresses, phone numbers, etc. This helps me feel like a better manager of my time and home! I also reused my Mary Kay planner holder from when I sold Mary Kay. It fits perfectly and allows plenty of room for all that extra stuff that accumulates. This planner can be found at I hope this will work for you. Visit this site for more ideas!


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