Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Every since Aunt Flo returned after my 2nd child I have struggled with PMS that has gotten worse each month. Not so much the cramps as the moodiness. Slowly it had worked it's way into the whole week before the monthly visit! Then, I discovered the power of PLUS!

I take 2 PLUS and shortly after the moodiness, almost breaking down in tears is gone. PLUS is a product made by Mannatech. PLUS contains Wild Yam extract and amino acids. The amino acids should help with sugar cravings also. ( I read that in a book called Total Renewal by Frank Lipman,M.D.) These ingredients basically give your body what it needs to produce all the hormones necessary which helps your body regulate itself. This definitely works for my PMS. I'm like a new woman. Although I still have to accept the fact that Aunt Flo will come monthly. But, at least it helps me to be alot nicer right before the visit. For more WFMW tips visit Shannon. If you have any other tips to make it all alot smoother then please share in the comment section. Thanks!
(If you choose to order from Mannatech you will want to join as a member and if you choose an auto order you can get a free product. If you don't want it the following month simply cancel online after recieving your order.)


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