Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Making your home a haven Day 2

Day 2 and I didn't even complete the first part which is to do my five things. I knew that I wouldn't make it up at 5am this morning because on Wednesday my husband sleeps in. Tomorrow I hope to make it up. Here is the challenge from Crystal's site.

1) Refresh your spirit (5 minutes)
Like yesterday, brew a cup of tea, coffee, or cocoa, and sit down for a few moments of quiet with the Lord. I encourage you to take some time to pray over your day - bringing the activities planned before Him and asking Him to go before you and bless your endeavors for His glory.STOP: Have you done your morning routine yet? If not, stop here and start with that. When you've finished it, come back here for your next assignment. :)
Okay this was easy, I still did this with my cup of green tea in hand!

2) Take Time to Plan (5 minutes)
Do you have a plan for today? A few minutes of strategic planning before you begin your day can not only help you to be much more productive, but it can also save you a lot of time.If you have not done so, make a short to-do list for today of things you need to do or would like to accomplish. If you are married, I encourage you to ask your husband if there is anything you can do for him today. If he mentions anything, make that your top priority to accomplish today.Keep your list it to ten items or less. Number the items in order of importance and tackle the first one. Don't move on to #2 on your list until #1 is completely finished.Post your list on your blog and cross things off as you finish them! Let's help keep each other accountable. Remember, though, to see your list as a guideline, not a slave master. The list is just meant to help you not be aimless. If other things come up which are more important, be cheerful and flexible.
I had a plan, but who wants to read my list, I don't! I had lots to do today in a short time because of our party today. I did get them done. I sure prayed alot for help. I needed 6 hands. Ever felt that way????

3) Do Something! (10 minutes)
Since we tackled our entryways yesterday, we're moving on to our living rooms today. Light a candle, put on your apron, turn on some uplifting music, and then set the timer for ten minutes and get busy cleaning your living room! Start by putting throwing out trash, putting away misplaced items, and straightening up things. If you have time, do a quick dust and vacuum of the room.
I cleaned up after the party but that's about all. Then I folded some laundry that was overdue.
Hopefully tomorrow I'll do this. I did straighten my pantry today somewhat and found a box of Wheat thins I was looking for last week!

We did have our Happy Birthday Jesus party today. I'll have to post a pick later. The kids had so much fun.

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