Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cloth Diapers

Okay, here's the verdict....I really like my cloth diapers. For one Anna just looks so cute in colorful pink diapers. They don't stink like disposables when used. They are quick and easy. What's one more load of laundry every other day? Not much compared to how much laundry I already do. I did try prefold diapers and covers, but really disliked them. The covers were really cute as evidenced by this picture:

I did have to get over the fact that they are just bulkier than disposables. My favorite are Bum Genius pocket diapers. Just as easy as a disposable to put on. Anyone can do it. My second favorite are Fuzzi Bunz. A friend introduced me to cloth diapers and after I saw how cute and easy they were I was hooked. Oh, and if you are expecting a baby anytime soon. Do yourself a favor and buy some good prefold diapers for burp cloths. Once you buy real prefold diapers you will never want to use Gerber prefolds for burp cloths again. They are so much thinker and softer than Gerber. You can buy them here.


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