Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Update and Baby Countdown

We have been very busy this summer. We had a nice family vacation at the beach in May. Now I am on baby countdown at 37 weeks. Hoping for a early delivery, but very doubtful. I have had lots of nesting energy, but it's gone now. The past couple weeks I have worked on washing up baby things, freezer meals and making up dry mixes. After the baby comes I remember how hard it is to cook sometimes. Anna is now 22 months. She is a ball of energy. We have been working on potty training. I forgot how much energy it takes to potty train. I've also never potty trained while pregnant. We are all so ready to meet our new little baby. Anxiously waiting to see if it will be a boy or girl.

After taking a break with school I am ready to jump back in there. We are waiting until after the baby to start back though. I really enjoy teaching my children and watching them grow and learn. I hope to post soon after having the baby! Maybe that will be sooner rather than later!

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