Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Christmas tour of my home

Come on in and have a tour of my home at Christmas time! The first thing you would see is the front door. Nothing too grand, just a simple wreath with snow tipped edges.

As you walk in the living room you will see our tree. Of course most of the ornaments are in the middle. High enough a toddler can't reach and eye-level for the older boys since they decorated most of it. I'm not a perfectionist with most things so I don't rearrange them. Honestly I was even too tired this year to put up our many Nativity sets. We do have our Little People Nativity set but the pieces have been scattered everywhere right now.

This is one of my most exciting decorations....our stockings. I am so excited to have all 4 stockings with names on them. Next year I'll have to get Mom and Dad stockings. I bought these from Land's end. The needlepoint on them is beautiful.

These are our Advent candles. We light them on Sunday and talk about their meanings.

This is our Jesse tree. I just made this the other day and hopefully next year I'll get a Jesse tree devotional book to read along with it. I found it on this website.

Here is our Mistletoe! Watch out or you might get caught under it. Our kids think this is alot of fun to stand under and wait for a kiss!

Here is our countdown Advent calendar. The kids love keeping up with how many more days!

This is one of my favorite traditions. The Advent book. You open a door a night in December, revealing part of the Christmas story. The doors are so beautiful and the pictures are full of detail. The boys can even quote many of them because we choose to read each door up to the one we are on.

We enjoy celebrating Christ's birthday in our home.

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