Friday, June 15, 2012

Sharing our Curriculum choices

This week in our home was Back to School!!!!  My kids were actually very excited.  This week they helped me finish getting their notebooks and things ready.  Thursday we had a Back to School kick off day.  Since my boys both woke up feeling under the weather we just took pictures for our yearbook( I make these at  and went over the schedule and how to follow the guide to do independent work.

I thought I would take some time to share more about our homeschool choices.  I love to see what others are using to do school at home.  I never imagined how much fun it could be to pick resources to use and also how overwhelming it can be at the same time.  From the begining we have used Heart of Dakota curriculum.  It is a very Christ centered curriculum and I have loved seeing my children enjoy most of their school day.  They still don't care to do much writing.  Taylor starts off our summer birthdays this month turning 8.  Tal III will turn 10 in July.  Abigail will be 2 in August and Anna will be 4 in September.  For the record, Taylor was due in May and Tal III in August.  God had other plans.

This year we are using Preparing Hearts for His Glory.  I will be using this with both of my boys.  My oldest will also read the extension reader pack.  For reading I use Drawn Into the Heart of Reading.  Taylor will be reading part of level 2 books and part of Level 3 .  Tal III will be reading part of level 4/5 and part of Level 5/6.  These are awesome book lists by the way.  Even if you don't use the reading program you can just let your child read the books.  My children have enjoyed all of the books that they have read so far.  For Grammar we use Rod and Staff English.  We do at least half of the lesson aloud and write the parts that are important to write.  This seems to really help my children enjoy their English lessons a little bit better.  For Math we use Singapore Math.  We started 3A for Taylor and 5A for Tal III this past spring.  We just work until the level is complete and start the next one.  I use the Instructor's guide for teaching helps and tips and for figuring out some of the very hard word problems!

For our scripture memory we are going to use Truth and Grace memory book 1.  Our curriculum already includes scripture memory but we are doing this in addition to it.  I am working on these with Anna also.

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Tina said...

Thank you for that peek into your homeschooling. :)
Looks like great materials. What a blessing to have such wonderful resources.
Love the photos of the kids!