Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Pictures

 I try not to let too much time get by without capturing some pictures.  Children grow up so fast.  Our days are so filled with meeting needs for everyone that before I know it I realize that it's been way too long since I picked up the camera.  This summer has been going by fast.  Birthday season has already started.  Taylor turned 8 in June.  Tal III is turning 10 tomorrow!  Wow!  Sometimes I can't believe it was 10 years ago when I became a mommy.  Then my birthday.  Abigail turns 2 in August.  Then I celebrate 12 years with my husband!  What a wonderful 12 years it has been.  Last Anna turns 4 in September.  Tal is the odd man out with a winter birthday.  We've been enjoying a nice, busy summer filled with swimming, school, football camp for the boys and meeting up with friends.  I hope you are enjoying your summer!

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Sherri said...

Beautiful family and pictures