Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! He's Alive!!!!! Jesus is ALIVE!!!!!! We had a great Easter day. I did not get any cute Easter photos to post. I was too busy enjoying our fun to bother with a camera. After worship we went to "Uncle Mac's" to go fishing and hunt eggs. We had a great time. The boys enjoyed fishing with their new poles. Although we only caught one fish and a big stick. I know many people were upset yesterday with the cold weather ruining their plans to wear their new cute Easter outfits. But, I find it interesting, it's like God's way of reminding us that it's not about the cute clothes you dressed your kids in or yourself it's about Jesus. He's Alive and lives in Heaven. He died for you and me so that we could be in Heaven with him when we die if you just believe in Jesus.


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